Born in '85, I saw my dad walking around with his clunky analog Fujica camera. Stored in quite a big bag and dragging it along with him on our family holidays. I still remember seeing him hassle with the equipment and quite often, leaving the camera at home. Somehow this image was nested in my mind. 
My dads old Fujica
My dads old Fujica
When I first started to travel around a bit, I always liked taking photo's to capture a certain atmosphere and tried to translate the way I felt at that moment to a photo. But like my dad, I did not like to carry around a big DSLR and an (extensive) range of lenses. So my Panasonic Lumix Travel camera was my go-to (and only) camera. 
But... this changed in 2017, when I coincidentally found my dad's old Fujica. I was intrigued by to way that old camera was build and started to read more about photography techniques and the way a camera is build. Later that same year, my girlfriend and I decided to build our own campervan and travel all across Europe for an indefinite period of time. If you like, you can check out our blog (in Dutch). Luckily the system camera's are pretty good nowadays, so I got my first 'proper' camera without the bulkiness of a DSLR. So things don't happen by accident after all I guess.. For me, this was the ultimate opportunity to do something more with my newfound interest, with this website as the result. 
I love to be outside and explore as much as possible. And everytime I do, photography is making me more aware of my surroundings and it lets me look at it in a whole different way then before.
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